Open House

Attending a Bank Street Open House is a great way to get a sense of this unique environment. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet the people that comprise this tight-knit community, who have advice pertinent to your goals. The Open House I went to last year began with an opportunity for mingling, and then took a bit more of a formal turn to an overview of the Bank Street Graduate School.

What I particularly enjoyed was the individual program sessions that followed. Attendees were encouraged to sit in on any and every group they were interested in. Pretty set on Museum Education, I found the opportunity to chat with fellow prospective students, a current student and the course advisor to be very enlightening.

The night concluded with tours of both the graduate school and the school for children. Actually seeing a Bank Street classroom for children further assured me that I was in the right place. I felt that Bank Street’s philosophy of developmental-interaction was palpable in the classrooms, which further fueled my desire to be a progressive educator. There were countless materials for experiential learning, such as art supplies, a class pet rabbit, blocks, and even a play house.

It’s nice to get a sense of how others envisioned Bank Street propelling their careers, and it was helpful to get a concrete idea of how the program is structured. It was supremely apparent from the get-go that the primary focus here is preparing superior educators to join the field and make a positive impact quickly. I found it very motivating to meet others as passionate as myself about education, and in particular within museums.


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