Camaraderie at Bank Street

At Bank Street, I am part of a cohort within my degree program. Our professors encourage us to help each other. My program, Museum Education, involves many excursions to museums and cultural institutions. I think such off-campus experiences encourage a more organic type of bonding.

Even after just one in-class session for each course, and one day off-site, I was confident that my peers would be a great source of advice that I can feel free to utilize. I think that I am also someone who can help my peers along their path, too.

Here at Bank Street, my cohort inspires me in countless ways. When we bring our different backgrounds as educators together, we cannot help but offer varied techniques and approaches. Their experiences inform and enrich my current practice and will be embedded in my future approach. Not only that, but many of them currently have ties to museums and cultural institutions. I’ve already observed a peer in action, teaching children at a science center.

My professors are themselves an endless source of inspiration. They have beautiful careers that they are still excited about. Their passion is palpable! It makes all the difference in the world to be educated by those who are passionate about the field you want to enter. Not only do they inspire me in terms of being an educator, but also a lifelong learner.


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