What Are You Thankful For?

Around this time of year I like to reflect on what I have to be grateful for. It’s easy to take for granted one’s health, warm shelter, and any number of creature comforts. This Thanksgiving, especially, after the wild weather that Mother Nature has delivered, I think it’s important to focus on blessings.

Personally, I am grateful to be a Bank Street student, finally feeling as though I am on the right path for my career. Here, I feel I am seen as a whole person, and I have advisors who are genuinely interested in me, and invested in my success. I don’t think that is easy to find just anywhere.

I am also immensely thankful for the opportunities that come with being a Bank Street student; such as student teaching in some of the best schools in the city, or gaining experience in some of the finest museums and cultural institutions. On a lighter note, I am thankful that the Bank Street kitchen serves Stumptown coffee, without which this blog may never get written.

Living in this city is something I am very grateful for, despite sacrifices made to get here and stay here. I know that experiences I have had here are unique to this city, and I’ll remember them no matter where I go.

I’ve made friends since moving here, including within the Bank Street community, that I hope to have for years to come. Family doesn’t have to be limited to blood relation, but can be a collection of kindred spirits collected along the way.

I am thankful for actual relatives, of course, for encouraging me to follow my calling, and occasionally schlepping furniture and odds and ends across state lines. I’m indebted to them for believing in me, even when I thought it was a good idea to move into an apartment in Brooklyn hardly wider than my arm span, or when I left a secure full time job to become a student again.

I have endless gratitude for children, who continuously give me a sense of purpose and show me that I am meant to educate. They inspire me and keep me believing in creativity, justice and truth. They help me to stay young at heart, though some may argue that I don’t need help in that department.

So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Whatever you believe in, and however you celebrate, I hope you have a moment to reflect on your gratitude as well.”


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