Congratulations! You’re In!

A few months before I began my first summer term at Bank Street, I attended an admitted students event that the graduate admissions office held. It was a great opportunity to meet other people new to Bank Street. I’m glad that such events are held, because they give you a chance to make some acquaintances before your first class.

When I walked into the room where it was held, and applied my name tag, everyone was already excitedly chatting in little groups. Refreshments were available and there were perhaps twenty people there. I remember pausing to look at the literature I was handed, and while perusing it, a lovely person came over to me who had noticed from my name tag that we would be in the same program. She is someone in my cohort now, and is a welcome warm presence every week.

I met another person from my cohort that day who I was able to chat with and learned that he had a similar experience working with preschoolers before coming to Bank Street. He turned out to be an interesting presence in my cohort, and I think we’ve taught each other a lot. In many ways we are opposites – he is very vocal and able to hold the spotlight, whereas I, while not shy about sharing my thoughts, tend to be more of a listener and observer. One of my professors noted that there is potential in this difference, and despite challenges that have occasionally arisen from trying to learn together, I agree with her, and I’m glad we’re in the same cohort.

That same day, I registered, in person and it was quite easy. I felt very confident in the advice I was given by my advisor, and appreciated that she knew my background and used that information to plan what would make the most sense for the structure of my courses. For instance, since I already had classroom experience, I was able to do my student teaching in my first year, whereas many students don’t do fieldwork until their second.

I highly recommend attending the accepted student event. Any chance you have to meet more people in the Bank Street community you should take. It certainly helped me to know a few friendly faces on the first day of class.


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