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Until Next Time…

At this point last year I was eagerly anticipating the start of my program at Bank Street. Now, here I am in the middle, wondering where the time went and already using my education out in the world!


While at times my whirlwind schedule may have left me exasperated, I am grateful for the immense variety in my life. It affords a richness to my experiences which I do not think I would be able to attain outside of Bank Street.

I have had professors here that, while gently pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone, continually show me that I am on the right path and inspire me with the way they continue on their paths. At Bank Street, I am continually impressed with the professors I work with who humbly admit to not knowing everything, and embrace that uncertainty while using knowledge that they have discovered is effective through experimentation.

Not only have professors been limitless sources of inspiration, but so have the children I have worked with in classrooms, school groups, and after-school groups with the Abrons Arts Center where I have been interning (and where I now work, woohoo!). I have had the pleasure of working with students who surprise me with what they are capable of. Every child I have worked with has added to my motivation to continue to be an educator. Teachers who consider whole students as they develop as complex individuals are needed now more than ever in every type of school, and I am confident that with what I am learning at Bank Street, that I can change lives.

I am the type of person who could easily stay in school forever – I love learning – and I think that is a testament to my learning experiences, including now in graduate school. I truly believe that when you have a successful and meaningful learning experience, it radiates throughout your life and encourages further exploration. After taking Child Development and Early Elementary Curriculum, I am now very interested in learning as much as I can about their development.

Before I put the cart before the horse, I do still have several classes to take this summer and in the fall. If you recognize me from this blog and see me around Bank Street, please say hi! Stay tuned for future student bloggers, as well as more from this intrepid trailblazer – I may still be contributing to this space as a Student Ambassador in the future.


Thanks, Sara!

We launched this blog last September and could not have done it without our blogger, Sara Nowak. We hope her insights have given you an idea of what Bank Street students go through, and we will occasionally hear from her next year as she closes out her time at Bank Street.
Before Sara posts her final blog of the academic year tomorrow morning, we wanted to show our gratitude for her! Thank you so much, Sara!