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You Won’t Know Unless You Apply!

For about a year I had been reading about Bank Street and mentally preparing for applying. The actual completion of the application was far less time-consuming, though I did revise it numerous times. If you can get things like your reference letters, and transcript out of the way early on, I would recommend it.

Considering I have two other degrees, and plenty of loan baggage (who doesn’t these days?), financial aid was something I had many questions about. I cannot praise the financial aid office here enough. Just like admissions, they are quick to help you and are prepared to assist you with any problem.

In deciding on whether or not Bank Street was the right fit for me, I considered how a degree in education would propel me, either as a classroom teacher or a museum educator. The versatility in my program was a very attractive aspect, which I found reassuring. My undergraduate degree was in journalism, and I was not sure if that was a good basis for a graduate degree in education. However, during my initial interview, the director of my program quickly erased my doubt. She likened giving a lesson or a museum tour to writing an article. Basically, they involve the craft of telling a story.

My interview was not nerve wracking at all. I felt very comfortable chatting with the director of my program and was pleasantly surprised with how efficient the process here at Bank Street is. For starters, the mere fact that my interview was with someone from my department was encouraging. In larger institutions, I wondered why someone so far removed from my degree program would conduct the interview, and what might get lost as the information was passed along. I still regularly see this member of my faculty who interviewed me here, and I know that I can contact her anytime with questions. In fact, she emails job opportunities to our cohort nearly every day!

As I learned more and more about Bank Street, and its philosophy, I realized the immense potential before me. Here, I would learn how to be an educator for the children, not just another teacher, handing out worksheets and barking orders.

It didn’t take long for my acceptance letter to arrive confirming the next chapter of my life. For all of the time and energy I dedicated to the application, it was nice to get such a quick response.

No matter your situation, if you are considering an education with Bank Street College, nothing should inhibit you from applying. I have consistently felt that the people of this institution are here to help me succeed. The common goal here is creating great educators. Even if you yourself cannot recognize the potential that you have, there are many people here who can recognize it and know how to further develop it. Trust is necessary when you dedicate so much time, effort, and expense in your education, so it’s important that you feel as though you have put your career in the right hands.


Priority Deadline for Spring 2013 Semester: November 1

If you’re planning to apply to Bank Street for the Spring 2013 semester, the priority deadline for applications is November 1, 2012. Click here for more information on the application process.

If you have questions ahead of the deadline, we’re here to help! Give us a call at 212-875-4404 or email us at

Still accepting applications for Fall 2012

It is the middle of summer and we have been getting a handful of questions regarding graduate school matriculation this fall and whether or not it is too late to apply. For many of our programs, it is not. We highly encourage you to give our office a call at 212-875-4404 or email us at to find out about your program of interest and ways to apply in time for the next semester.Image